Tree Consultant Services

SITE ANALYSIS FOR TREE RETENTION DURING DEVELOPMENT – Inspecting native forests and established landscapes with mature trees for site development to provide tree and vegetation protection specifications, enhancement techniques, and onsite construction monitoring for contract compliance. Our goal is to keep trees alive after the contractor leaves.






TREE RISK ASSESSMENT / TREE PRESERVATION – Inspecting mature native and ornamental trees on managed landscapes for hazard condition/preservation and maintenance specifications. Provide a balance of safety and aesthetics for the long-term.





URBAN FORESTRY MANAGEMENT AND STRATEGY PLANS – Analyzing your community forest and management resources to develop a plan for quality vegetation planting, management, and care. Put your money towards action, not more paper.





PACIFIC NORTHWEST FOREST GREENBELT MANAGEMENT/NATIVE RESTORATION/MITIGATION – Evaluating greenspaces for hazards, health, diversity, aesthetics, and enhancement/management. Protecting our “Sense of Place”.






MAINTAINED PARK AND STREET TREE INVENTORIES – Inspecting and documenting tree populations for their conditions, follow-up replacement, maintenance, and planting specifications. Sustaining trees for safety, health, and functional benefits.








STREET TREE AND LANDSCAPE SPECIFICATIONS, EVALUATION, AND INSTALLATION MONITORING – Pre- and post-landscape installation evaluation for quality, vigor, handling, and planting specification compliance. Plants should be installed right the first time.





PLANT SPECIES SELECTION AND PROCUREMENT – Recommending, locating, and selecting the right tree, and complementary vegetation, for the right place. There are long-term advantages to install plants that meet professional specifications.






APPRAISALS AND RESEARCH – Comprehensive documentation and reports for estimating vegetation value for insurance, expert witness testimony, and depositions. Providing reasonable monetary value to long established plants too large to replace.

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