Urban Tree and Vegetation Management

Our consulting arborists provide professional horticultural consulting on trees and woody vegetation growing in urban areas. Since 1990, our arboricultural services have included tree risk assessment, tree inventories, appraisals, enhancement, and tree management plans for all types of urban environments. This includes street trees, park trees, private trees, or native second growth forests that are valued for a wide range of benefits.

We specialize in tree protection consultation services during development, proper soil preparation for planting, and species selection for street and landscape tree installation. We also provide management plans for slopes and native restoration plans for disturbed environments. Urban Forestry Services | Bartlett Consulting provides a full range of urban horticultural services for the benefit of vegetation where we live, work, and play.

Through our International Society of Arboriculture, American Society of Consulting Arborists, and Tree Risk Assessment qualifications, as well as other sources of expertise, we continually review information and train to offer the most practical and effective solutions to horticultural challenges.

Our tree consultants also appraise plants for their landscape value or damage estimates in cases of litigation and conflict. Trees in our cities have changed from being considered nice to have, to necessities. As we work to preserve our environment, we realize there is no more critical habitat than human habitat.

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